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Eaya-da[avayi Pedakoneti NayadnB On Sravana ba. 10 of
Yuva of 146 years ago corresponding to S. S. 1558, (the Raya)
granted the government of Penugoiida to Koneti Nayadu, the
son. of Kasturi Nayadu, the son of Akkapa Nayadu, who was
the son of Canca(ina) Nayadn of Candragiri, a member of the
Vasarasi family of the Balija caste. Having conferred upon
him the office of the Baya-dalavagi, the Raya celebrated his
marriage with S^va-rna,

p. 3.

invested him with the sword of his office, and gave him
presents, four jewels, and the privilege of styling himself
Srlman Makarajarajasrl (in his letters and other documents).
146 years passed up to this Snbhakrt.* The Raya presented
to Peda Koneti Nayadti the following gifts :—

p. 5.

R. R. Peda Koneti Nayadu ruled at Pemigonda for 13 years
and 3 months, i.e., from Sravana, su. 10 of Yuva to the
Margasira of the year Nandana f. Then Khan Khana, the
vazlr of Bijapnr (Sultan) laid siege to Penngonda on Nandana,
Margasira, ba. 15 (?), He left it after one year in the Margasira
of the year Vijaya. J The total duration (of Koneti Nayadn's
rule is 14 years and 3 (months).§ (The revenue yielded) by
the Penugonda-rajj/a is ga 2,50,000; he obtained in exchange
(for it) the Kundurpi-rajj/a. (The Khan Khana) handed
over to R, R. Peda Koneti Nayadn five forts which he had
secured from the people of Ellappa Nayani Kottakota. The
Khan Khana granted a farvana agreeing not to demand

*This corresponds to 3. S. 1704 £ubhakj-t;(A,D. 1782), -whea this account appears to
have been prepared-
*t He seems to have ruled from July A.D., 1635 to Dec. 1652. Then his rule must havi
lasted for 17 years and 4 months, and not 13 years and 3 months.
, fThe sieg* Commenced on Dec, 20, A.D., 1652.    It came to an end in Nov.-Dec. o
,.    $ The correct figure* AT* IB yean and 4 month;